Education is an important aspect of the CNBS mission. As the proliferation of non-invasive stimulatory and modulatory technologies spreads across clinical and academic settings, we feel it's important practitioners keep up to date on emerging research and methodologies. As such, we have developed a number of Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses intended to aid in the training of emerging specialists and skill-maintenance of long-time practitioners.

Our classes combine formal lectures with ample hands-on exposure and methodological practice. All courses are run in conjunction with Harvard Medical School and provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for practicing physicians.

We have also recognized the need for collaborative, ongoing learning and discussion in the field of noninvasive brain stimulation. To meet this need, we have created an online learning portal for past participants of our courses, as well as a tri-annual consortium for researchers and practicioners in the Northeast region of the United States.